Thank you for your patience as we build out our new services pages. Below is a list of our services from our legacy website. If you have any inquiries about additional services, please call us at 877-688-9850.

Cased-hole Logging

Cement Bond (Including Slim Hole)
Radial Bond
Gamma Ray / Neutron
Compensated Neutron
Radioactive Tracer Survey
Caliper and Magnetic Thickness
Production Logging

Pipe Recovery

Chemical Cutters
Radial Cutting Torches
Jet Cutting
Stuck Pipe Logging
Severing Tools
Junk Shots
Split Shots
(Including Slim Hole Tools)
Coil Tubing Services

Perforating Services

Safe Fire Addressable Switch System
Eccentric Perforating
Expendable, Retrievable & Slick Gun Perforating
Gamma Gun Perforating
High Temperature Applications, up to 500 degrees
Tubing Conveyed Perforating
Horizontal Pump Down and High Angle Services

Mechanical Services

Packer, Wide Range Plug
Setting Services
Cement, Sand and Acid Bailer Services
Retrievable Bridge Plugs


All Mechanical Slick-Line Work
Gas Lift
Mechanical plug setting
Gamma Ray /CCL (correlation)
Bond Tools
Pressure/ Temp Spinner surveys (leak detects)
Casing and Tubing Calipers and (MTT) Memory and Real Time
Setting of Bridge plugs

Pressure Control

5-15K Working Equipment
H2S services
Wide Range Flange Sizes

Crane Mobilization

Up To 165 Ton Mobile Cranes

Hostile Environment Equipment

CO2 Services and H2S
H2S Nickel Lines
High Temperature Equipment