ArkLaTex Energy Services LLC is committed to protecting the health, safety and environment of our employees, contractors, customers and communities where we operate.  In doing so we place the highest value on providing a safe, healthy and respectful environment. We understand that the long term success of our company depends upon the wellbeing of our environment and we take every precaution to protect it.

ArkLaTex employees take the steps necessary to ensure compliance with all health, safety and environmental regulations.  We hold management, employees and contractors to the same standards of excellence and encourage them to exceed the minimum standards required.

Stakeholders throughout the organization are responsible for taking all measures to ensure proper personal protective equipment is utilized, safety control measures are implemented and potential hazards are proactively identified.

Employees at all levels are required to notify superiors of incidents or potential endangerments in a timely manner.  Employees are also encouraged to utilize a “stop work” culture as no job is so urgent that it cannot be done in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

ArkLaTex’s employees pursue excellence in areas of health, safety and environmental by:

  1. Communication of HSE standards, values and requirements to all employees, contractors and customers;
  2. Implementation of controls and procedures to minimize risk of incidents;
  3. Foster a culture of continuous improvement, action and independent thinking in the all areas of health, safety and environment;
  4. Conducting our business in accordance with local laws and in a socially responsible and ethical manner;
  5. Accepting responsibility and holding ourselves accountable for our actions.

Download our HSE Statement here:

ArkLaTex – HSE Policy Statement